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❓How will the auction work?
The auction will take place in a Zoom webinar, the link will be available in the NamesCon event platform. You must register as an attendee with RapidFire using your NamesCon ticket number to bid.

Please make sure your Zoom "display name" is the same name you have registered with us (example: if your Zoom display name shows Joe but you're registered with us as Joseph then please update prior to joining the auction). Instructions for changing your Zoom "display name" here. Thank you! 

❓What names are up for auction?
There are some really awesome names including 10 names which the full proceeds go to the nominated charity "Entrepreneurs for Knowledge"  which helps build schools for children in Africa. Additionally a third of all seller commission will be donated, so join us, add a few names to your portfolio and support a good cause! Names marked with a πŸ”₯ are full charity names! 

πŸ”₯FancyKicks .comNo Reserve

ARGarden .com350

Assistanty .com100

AudioDance .com100

AzaleaRose .com100

BeachfrontChateau .com500

BluntCasa .com400

IZTI .comNo Reserve

BuyDutchChocolate .com (package)No Reserve
πŸ”₯BuyMailbox .comNo Reserve

CanvasSquare .com500

ChinDoctor .com100

ClosingEscrow .com100

ConnectNeuron .com100

Uncontestable .com250

DarkGang .comNo Reserve

DesignerSpecials .com500

DinnerHut .com100
πŸ”₯WoodenBeds .comNo Reserve

DogCustody .com500

ElectricFoldingScooter .com500

EliteGadgets .com500

EmbryoApp .com100

FabulousBurger .com500

FineSalmon .com100
πŸ”₯CakeCovers .comNo Reserve

Subjectable .com500

FlipWrecks .com250

ForSaleMalibu .com400

FuriousFelines .com450
πŸ”₯e .cfdNo Reserve

GlobalTechExpo .com100

GrabWaste .com100

GVYT .com200

HeroDough .com100

JLME .com500

Killerideas .com500

LetsTalkCoins .com100
πŸ”₯BedroomHeadboard .comNo Reserve

LeafSwag .com100

LeaseAnRV .com299

LittleWino .comNo Reserve

LunarPhoto .com500

LuxVeg .com500
πŸ”₯NFTAssistance .comNo Reserve

MediNursing .com100

MobileLearners .com350

MortgageVenue .comNo Reserve

NeuraGear .com100

Neuraloid .comNo Reserve

NFTtutor .com250
πŸ”₯NorwegianMeat .com (package)No Reserve

OceansideBeachfront .com500

OpenOysters .comNo Reserve

PlusEditor .com100

PVJE .com300

ReligiousMystery .comNo Reserve

RetinaLens .comNo Reserve

RevitalizeOil .com150
πŸ”₯RobotMinions .comNo Reserve

RobotSchema .com100

SpotAuction .comNo Reserve

SteakSubstitute .com (package)400

SweetJoint .com100

TokenizeRealty .com100

VegasCBDStore .com350

VFXSuite .com50
πŸ”₯WalletWolves .com (package)No Reserve

ZMRG .com500

MyEnsuite .com100

SummerBaskets .com100

VirtualSavers .com399

FitnessTrackers .com500
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